Yes, leg 2 is now in the logbooks

May 31, 2016

Yes, Leg 2 of RTW 2016 is now in the logbooks. Arrived Nashville as the storms left. Every time I use Foreflight, I want to hug those guys for building such a capable single app for travel. I’ve been playing with Rocket Route for Europe, but the best I can determine, it’s good for filing/time slots, and not much else. Any other opinions?

We flew this one at 17,000 feet with the oximizer cannula. CHTs easier to manage, with good range. 700+ NM with 30 gallons still in the tank. So, after these two flights, I’m confident this bird can handle the Aqaba – Bahrain leg of 870NM with only a little bit of help from God (tailwinds). Confidence is the elixir for aviator-tummy-knots!

I see folks have noticed the trail disappears after Australia. Yes, this one is work in progress, making this journey even more of an adventure than initially anticipated. After much hop-scotch planning around AVGAS, it simply does not look possible to close the loop without ferry tanks. I’m flying stock right now, and would love to make it a mod-free trip. Not many, if any, single engine pistons have done that. Now I know why… If anyone knows of anyone who has the answer, please volunteer. The back up is a visit to Turtle-Pac on the Gold Coast.

Tomorrow I consult with an accomplished rounder, Mr Long, to pick his brain. Captain Jack, thanks for the offer and absolutely welcome the opportunity to meet.

See you tomorrow.

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