Thanks for great tips fellow aviators

May 14, 2016

Thanks for great tips fellow aviators. I signed up the for the additional recommended Euro flight routing programs and found them to be as advertised, very useful.

I was most impressed by the price/performance of autorouter. So, the plan to cross Europe is:

1 – File IFR
2 – Create a quick route using autorouter
3 – Double check route with the auto route feature in Rocket Route (adj if necessary)
4 – File and receive slot via Rocket Route
5 – Export to Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck, and use this a backup to Perspective
6 – Use Skydemon to track route across ground (moving map).

This week Captain Jack stopped by for some global mentoring. Thank you, Sir. He wisely pointed out that it is often about the weather, and managing your own desire to hurry things along. We are finding this to be quite sage when we woke up today to commence Leg 3 and found a nasty line of storms along our intended route.

I suppose that is why they have pilot lounges!

Nasty weather

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