Yes, new shirt day!

May 16, 2016

Yes, new shirt day! Breaking out the clean stuff after 3 days. Yahoo.

This was our personal reward for landing Montreal, after being stormed in for a day at Rochester. Sitting in the FBO at KROC and watching our precious Cirrus getting pelted by hail every 30 minutes or soon, made us need a little picker-upper today. It was exit USA or bust for us, so we tried a different approach… as the “floors raised” to 4,000 we filed IFR under the pancake of light rain and snow en route. Yes, it did snow both yesterday and today. What!? It’s two weeks to summer. Go figure.

It worked, we asked for the lowest permissible, and apparently not published, MEAs, namely 3200, 3600, 2600. First time I flew IFR between the thousands.

With our new shirts on, we will search for a Parisian style street cafe to warm our spirits. Montreal temps plummeted from 70’s (spring) to 0 (winter) in two days. We stay. Our next stop is OVC009 and the fellow at the destination FBO said, “Don’t Come.”

Yes, Sir. No need to tell us twice!

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